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  • ERP Software

    An integrated enterprise system is a necessity for sustained growth and development, while keeping your organization competitive. Increasing the quality and visibility of business information is the key to increased customer satisfaction and improving your bottom line.

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  • CRM Software

    This solution provides a capability for development of campaigns for your company for any sales and marketing related activities or for any updates to be provided to customers. Maintains the data of all customers who can be selected partially or in full from the main database of customers to run the campaign. The campaign can be scheduled periodically as per the choice for an effective communication of the specific event planned.

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  • Sales Force Automation

    In today's competitive business scenario, sales and sales force are the key drivers of a company's growth and future prospects. Sales force automation software solutions invigorate the sales processes and enable the sales personnel to stay a step ahead of the nearest competitor in bagging more clients.

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  • Inventory Management

    Inventory or stocks are the lifeline and constitute brand image of any company or business. Beginning from the manufacturing stage to the tracking of products and parts during their transportation from vendor to warehouse, between the warehouses and then to retail location or directly to the customer.

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  • IT Consulting Services

    Business has never been more challenging or rewarding than it is today. With the dawn of the new millennium a new breed of entrepreneurs find themselves in an “age of change,” the likes of which the world has never known. The rate of change is numbing and this clearly is a time to question and re-think. Re-think on how we do business; and pursue growth with new concepts and alternate strategies that are still anchored on sound business fundamentals.

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